December 20, 2010

Snow In Seattle

On November 22nd it started snowing in Seattle...

So I stopped at the market to get some firewood on my way home... Found this lovely fall display outside... covered in snow!

As the night went on, it just kept on dumping, with howling winds!

(which you can't really see, but trust me, there is some snow going sideways in that picture)

In the morning, it was decided by general consensus that no one was going to work!

5.5 inches in our back yard

We even found some chair peoples

Later in the day we went down to Gas Works park to witness Seattlelites having a blast with the snow!

Where we met up with Gracey, who brought her snowboard!

We didn't have snowboards or sleds but we had a blast just watching everyone sliding down the hill :D

And we were getting coooold so we went home and sat in front of the fire.

December 06, 2010

Dinner With The Martins

On their way to the Beach House, Fritz's Parents stayed for a couple of nights, and we had dinner Martin style!

Martha helping me with the custard


Sweet Potato Goodness!
Recipe found here

Bon Apetit!

Look! The ugliest Napoleon ever!


November 07, 2010

Birthday At Kubota Gardens

After a delicious brunch with friends, we went to Kubota Gardens to soak up this odd bit of sun: