June 13, 2010

Back In Kubota!

Though this is the Nteenth time I've been there, this time Fritz, all flower knowing and all flower being (??) taught me a few things about so many plants that I've walked by a bunch of times and never noticed... never reeeeeally noticed...

Like Columbines!!

And Irises

And a something-magated Japanese Maple
(I will have to follow up on this one)


We paused to intrude on a sun bathing turtle(toise?) and her friend, brown fish
(bow down to my unsurpassed knowledge of flora and fauna)

Uhm... sorry miss, totally not staring, I uhm... do you have the time?

Forgot the name of these.... but just loooook at the adorableness!

Broke out the tripod for this one!

Crazy Columbine with white in the middle

Those spiky Tim Burtony things, as it turns out, are seed pods!
I kid you not.


This one left him stumped. If you know what this flower is, please share the wisdom.

Ohhh, and this part, one my favorite spots, is called a "grotto"

The underskirt of a Japanese Maple



Yay! And we'll be back, I'm sure, later in the year to see the fall :D

June 06, 2010

The Garden

June 02, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend In Long Beach With Me Boy

For Memorial Day Weekend, me boy took me out to the beach for some lovely -and well deserved- r and r.

First, the house.
and what a lovely house it is!

Then, the food.
(yes, that's some chef boyardee and spam)

And then, the exploring.

Rest and Recreation: achieved.

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If any one wants a different resolution, let me know by comment!