August 26, 2010

Kite Festival

In Long Beach! With Gracey!

August 18, 2010

Motorbycle Gathering Thingie

Mister Dude took me the monthly bike geek out gathering over in Ballard

Mr. Dude's ride

Ok. This guy just looked re-diculous riding all squatty like... what gives?

Days Of Warm... They'll Soon Be Gone...

Dang. Summers not even gone and I already miss it...

Golden Gardens

Fritz' company pic-nic

August 08, 2010

Doe Bay Weekend

Fritz and I went camping to Orcas Island, at Doe Bay this past weekend. Got fantastically soaked the whole time!

Ferry from Anacortes:

"I saw a putty cat"

Ahhh, foods!

It was an hour long ferry.... we got picture happy!

The ferry turned out to leave later than we had thought, so we barely made it to the campsite with enough light to put the tent up in a hurry! Here it is as soon as we finished... with Fritz caught in the headlights :D

The next day, a couple of hikes:

Coolest, hugest slugs... with trunk ornaments!
These guys were just too neat not to stop and gush.

By this time... I was starting to be VERY wet...

Fritz and his sharp eye noticed these neat guys in the lake:

And this, clearly, is Wabit

What a beautiful, fun place! Will definitely return!