January 31, 2010

Ecuador!! Part 3


Little kids on a school trip going up before us...

On our ascent to 4100 meters, or 13,500 feet. Up to this point,
highest elevation ever for Kerry.

Up at the top!

The station... there used to be a lot of shops but crowds have thinned out and now there's a lot of vacant commercial space.

A small chapel a bit further up.

Kerry going nuts with the view

Yeah, didn't go very far up the trail. At this altitude it was hard to walk
without getting very winded

A smaller panoramic...

Definitely a must if you're in Quito, what a great experience!

Then off to Maggi's to celebrate her birthday!

Got to hang out with the fams for a bit

Finished the day off with a trip to old town, with Cristina

Here we are at La Ronda street, I believe the narrowest street in Quito.

Peaking through a restaurant window to see a Trio play Pasillos

And canelazo being sold everywhere!

But the shock of the night was that we found BEBAS!

And enjoyed a deliciously greasy Empanada de Viento
(a giant cheese turnover)

January 30, 2010

Ecuador!! Part 2

On the 2nd day, we took our newly rented car and a crappy map and made our way to Mindo. I had never been, so I was just as big a tourist as Kerry!

First gear was crap, the tires squealed on every turn and the breaks whistled...
But it got us around!

The place in Mindo where they told us where to go for canoping!

Shortly after arriving... Awesome what humidity does to your hair...

Parking area at Mindo Ropes & Canopy

People arriving from the previous tour... When it started to dawn on me what I was getting myself into....

The stuff that was to keep us from falling to a painful death

Last chance for a pit stop...

Getting harnessed up

Yup.... it's about to happen...

I took a video of me going on one of the cables:

Our guides... just hanging...

And here's me arriving at the last deck

Purty flahrrs

Then, to grab a bite, we went to a place called Mindo Lago.
The setting was heavenly, and the food was amazing.

Tilt Shifted:

Then it started raining, and the frogs started singing...
And we got to see these little guys have a bit of a drink.
It was hard to catch them because they wouldn't get close if there
was any movement...

Yeah... that was a good day :)