November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend So Far, Part 2

The 5k!

Thanksgiving day, Turkey Trot 5k run for the Red Cross. Maggi roped me in, but this time I wasn't sick or hungover. It was colder at 32°, but I felt better and was in a good mood! Oh, yes, and was wearing more clothes than last time!

Decided to wear my gloves too, because I didn't want to loose any fingers ;)

Grim looking morning!

And we're off!
It was kind of madness because they weren't very organized and there were walkers, baby strollers and dogs and there was no clear "go" signal...

But it was alright!

Matt even joined us on his way to his bike ride.... Hey Matt!
(no pictures of Maggi because she lost me pretty early in the game)


Did I mention grim?

I took my own time because they announced they would only give out the times for the first 100 people.... Still wondering about why they did that...

Yay, finished!

Close up on the frozen moisture on my HEAD

Going home, temperature read
(note the snow flake, in case we hadn't noticed the cold)

To finish it off: MIMOSAS!