October 30, 2009


For years Brock and I have been wanting to go to Canada and eat some Japadogs. And now, we HAVE!

Canajun border

Moss, about to become well traveled.

Oh, Canada!

After we got in, stopped to get some Canadian change... for just in case...

Mossymoss, International Dog of Mistery.

I sense a certain disdain about upcoming events..

Upon arriving on Vancouver, we decided we'd visit the Police Museum

Feeling smug, are we?


Loved the illegal weapons display


She seems so unhappy to be holding that thing!

Then it was finally lunch time and... Yay! found the Japadog cart!

Ordered a Terimayo and an Okonomi

Moss got to be held for a bit so the distracted patrons wouldn't trample him... Me included.

Ever travel to another country just for a hotdog?
Well if you do, I recommend the Terimayo.

Strolling about...

They were doing the Eagle thing, like Seattle was doing the Pig thing back in '07

Came across some filming on the street. I believe this is supposed to be for the new A-Team movie (yes, I know, keeping my fingers crossed so it don't suck major a**). They had the streets looking like Germany, all the cars had European plates and there was a crap load of Mercedes Benz.

And then, the holy grail

A Polizei car... a fracking CLS AMG 63 polizei car. And it was... warm.
I could cry now... but i won't.

Pardon me while I soak up the puddle that once was me and then recoup.

Ok. back to strolling...

Even the ground looks like Canada...

And yay! that was it. Short but sweet. Now head back home.


Marisol said...

and all for a hot dog LOL

estan cheveres las fotos, ojala podamos ir juntas algun rato