October 04, 2009

Five Kay

So I figured I'd start off with something very cool and positive. I'm very proud of myself, even if half the world has done a ton of these (or longer runs). Also, I am glad I stuck to it, even if I wasn't feeling very well at the time, because I had set a goal and I achieved it. So here goes:

The night before... testing how much I can drink before a voice in my head goes "what the hell, woman, you're running tomorrow!"
Result: it never happened

Uhm... yup, we're toasty...

The morning of, 44°F (that's 6.6° C)

The veterans and I

Mr and Mrs healthy

Among the vineyards

And we're OFF!
(note the dirt road)

Then we switched to asphalt


Don't look so happy!
This is the picture I guess I will look back on years from now and think, man I can't believe I used to run back then...

2 mile marker, which I hit about 10 minutes after the 1 mile marker... or 14, since they made us run twice by it...

And that's about when I forgot I had a camera. I kick myself now for not taking one of the timer as I passed the finish line, it was 36 minutes (and change.. which I don't remember!). Also, Maggi, Chris and Hillary were cheering me on like crazies (well, how else would they?)

All in all, I had a pretty terrible time at it, because I was (still am) getting over a cold, was super stuffed up and had had a headache for most of the run. Afterwards, my head was soaking wet and the cold wind made want to crawl somewhere warm.... and cry, mostly. I took off almost immediately and took a long, long hot shower which brought me back to life.

But in the end, now, in the light of a day later, I am very happy I did it, very happy I finished it, and that I pushed even when half of me was saying quit!

So... Yay!

In the afternoon, once we had all cleaned up and had some lunchstuffs, off we went to do some hard earned wine tasting! We visited a few of the wineries, but by far, our best experience was at Va Piano, where Ryan Crane, friend of Maggi's, gave us a private, most wonderful tour. He let us have a taste (a most plentiful taste) of his own wines, Kerloo.

He went in detail as to how wine is made, some of it way too technical for me, but was kind enough to explain things in words even I could understand... Now if I'd only not been so into the wine itself, I'd probably have retained more data...

He let us have a taste of the different stages of the process

And straight from the barrel (such an honor)

Sigh.. but as all good things do come to an end, off we went in the rest of our day.... which didn't last muuuch longer. Our purple teeth, lips and tongues tell on us :)


maggilu said...

Claro que no ha estado bueno que te toque gripe justo para la carrera!

pero, parece que te la curaste con vino??' ;)

maggilu said...

pero de todas maneras corriste los 5!... WOW por las corredoras!
Y que bueno que se puedan visitar :)