January 29, 2010

Ecuador!! Part 1

Last week Kerry and I went to the mo-land, and we had an crazy good time :) Here starts batch ONE of pictures!

Leaving Seattle, riding the Light Rail:

Really really leaving Seattle, Mr. Rainier there all handsome like

Crazy cloudage, at the bottom there is the shadow of us, with a neat rainbow circling it. I thought, either this is a great sign, or the world is ending...

More spectacular cloudage...

Finally! after an about 15 hour travel day... WE LAND IN QUITO!
.... to this sign at the airport.... I have no idea what "lavado de activos" means, but this little graphic made me feel reeeeeal uneasy...

First day! and with it, my first happy surprise. Randomly I ran into my cousin Chevy at the Electoral Tribunal (stupid grown up paperwork!) and he wasn't even supposed to be in the country that day, but he lost his flight the day before. Ta-daaa!

Bolón de Verde with Mango juice for lunch!
Welcome to Quito!

Panoramic of Quito, from my aunt Maggi's rooftop:
(click on it)


In the evening I had a bit of a reunion with old friends.
3 Ex-Guadalupanos and 1 Bajo Sitio

Night time view from Guápulo, while we downed some beer, a mojito, a martini, a calzone, some cheesy fries... oh yeah... we ate and drank like it was going out of style...

Pablinx and Marquinx, who gave us a very thorough tour of the New Quito Nightlife

Then off to bed! Tomorrow... Mindo!


Marisol said...

Que lindas fotos, y tendre que quejarme ante la familia Banderas, porque a mi nunca me han invitado a subir al techo de su casa y no he tenido esa vista maravillosa :(

maggilu said...


jules.maas said...

Oh, it looks so warm & wonderful there! I am jealous!

love the cloud shots & your panorama - wonderful!