January 01, 2010

The Smashing End To An Eventful Decade

For New Year's eve we went to The Tractor to see Mark Pickerel and His Praying Hands and The Dusty 45s:

Arriving, while the boys parked it

Mark Pickerel and His Praying Hands

Ohhh! How sweeeet!

The Dusty 45s

Pit Stop

Yeah, I was utterly in love with my hair :D

More crazy antics by the Dusty 45s


Going back home, texting the folks over on the east coast



Marisol said...

Happy New Year!!!!!!
You look beautiful as always

maggilu said...

Hace días que no veía tu blog! Ahora que al fin me conecté, me ha encantado ver toooodas las fotos nuevas que has puesto: el Kubota frosted, el moss y las fotos con el Kerry!! parece muy simpático y se les ve muy bien juntos! Y tú como siempre, estás muy bonita. Ese pelo te queda super bien!

jules.maas said...

I am dying to know - did you do your hair yourself? because DANG! it's awesome! I am jealous.

Alex said...

I did! It was an experiment. I went online and looked at 60's updos and went at it with a new can of hairspray and a plastic comb for teasing the hell out of the top :D

I was so happy with the end result! Thank you :D