February 04, 2010

Ecuador!! Part 5

Cotopaxi trip!

On our fifth day in Ecuador, we went on a tour where they took us to Cotopaxi, and then provided us with all the gear necessary to ride down the mountain by bicycle!

..... I chose to stay warm in the car while all the super heroes rode down on mud and in rain and hail... Nuts....

Getting there

Our guide, Fernando


4,500m = 14,764ft
That's 350 ft higher than the top of Mt Rainier, and we didn't even reach the snow.

Gettin' geareded up


A bit further down, stopped for lunch

The spread

(click it!)

On the way out of the Cotopaxi national park


(by this time we were all back in the car)

And then in the evening, I got to see my nephews!!
Sergio y Julian


With mom!

Aunt me!

Ahhh, the irony...

Look at the tiny hands!

Oh, to have tiny dirty hands again ;)

And another wonderful day ends...


Marisol said...

Shoot, que ganas de haber estado ahi con ustedes y los nenes :(

jules.maas said...

Yeah, I'm with you - not a fan of the biking. That is ONE TALL MOUNTAIN! ;)

ok, WHAT is that thing in your hand?!? It look just like a horny-toad except with too many legs!

Your nephews are darling!