February 07, 2010

Ecuador!! Part 6

Last day in Quito was spent running errands and doing some last minute shopping.

Kerry in front of the Basílica

Then off to Chantilly, to the pastries of my youth!


And Borrachas! I dream of these because I haven't ever seen them anywhere else.
Boozy and delicious, they were just as good as I remember them...


Stopped to say hi to the owner, an old friend of my mom's

Oh, and I noticed that they have a bike path now!

Lunch at Plaza Foch

That is, an executive lunch:
Locro de chochos, beef gordon bleu, cheesy risotto, and Maracuyá mousse.
All for 5.95!

I mean seriously, how much more Quiteña can this picture be?
Locro, half a pack of Marlboro lights and a Pilsener.

I miss eating like this for so cheap...

Oh yeah, this is La Boca del Lobo, we ate there 2 days before
but didn't have the camera with me...

And in the evening we had dinner at the Pachano's.
Got to see my grandma again too before leaving.

And that was our week in Ecuador!

We had a fun time exploring and going to new places, visiting family, eating lots of delicious food, and Pilsener with everything! I didn't get to see all the friends and family I wish I had... time went by too fast and ran out before I knew it. It's jut gonna have to be next time!


Marisol said...

YAY, you made it to the chantilly :) LOL
que chevere, lindas fotos y rico el viaje, cortito pero rico

jules.maas said...

ok, those churos look WAY WAY BETTER than anything I can get back home in NM!

hee hee..."lunch, executive!"

I love the last shot with everyone around the computer - the new traditional family shot, eh? ;)

Alex said...

lunch, de action!

or whatever


80% of why I ever go back home is the food :D