July 07, 2010

Independence Day Weekend - Day Two

Beach! Day two!

More indulgence... we had a lot of that...

Street market, by them boats

Steam punk kiosk

Later, we went kite flying

Pete did all the work. This was just a photo op :D

Supper time!


oh. yes.

Mangoritas and Strawbequiris

at sunset... really... when I said indulgence, I meant indulgence...

did I leave the gas on?


Marisol said...

que rico se ve todo, dia, playa, indulgencias, cangrejos!!!

Anonymous said...

Hay un aire de completa felicidad y de que están pasando las cosas apropiadas... que es una delicia... y así como "indulgencias" mismo... no creo que se hayan ganado... sino tooodo lo contrario. culpas por ser indulgentes... ji ji ji :)