July 18, 2010

Miami Part Deux

After POOL, we went on a little drive around Palm Beach and around the houses of the filthy rich.... because I guess that's what you do!

Well, we had thought of going to a gorgeous Japanese garden but it was freakishly hot and humid and decided, nah! let's just stay in an air conditioned car for a couple hours!!

We had fun.

Then we stopped at a hotel for the filthy rich, tried not to look too out of place...

That was subtle, right?

This is a wax flower:

Not made of wax though.

Yes. I look like that sometimes.


Marisol said...

bellas las fotos mi reina, me gusta mucho la que estas sentada en un escritorio/mesita
definitivamente fue increible verte y abrazarte aunque sea por tan poquito tiempo